Nigeria’s Pre-eminent Chess Academy

Our excellent chess capacity and our passion for the intellect and character development of each child makes us go the extra mile to provide top class instructions and innovate with our teaching methods.

We engage each child

No child is left behind in our classes. We make each lesson fun and interactive allowing each child to demonstrate their understanding.

We teach chess-in-schools nationwide

Our chess-in-schools service is provided nationwide. We have the capacity to deploy high quality instructors to any school in Nigeria.

Chess for Primary Schools

Our chess-in-schools service for primary schools gives the children skills and a foundation to be great chess players. It goes further to enhance their minds and strengthen their characters. They turn out to be great successes.

Chess for Secondary Schools

Our chess coaching service in secondary schools strengthens the rapidly growing child’s character with grit and makes him/her an accomplished chess play prepared to win scholarships to top universities.


We have the capacity to deploy highly competent tutors to any primary or secondary school throughout Nigeria. We guarantee the same excellent service.

About Chess Heights Academy

Chess Heights Academy teaches chess in primary and secondary schools throughout Nigeria. Students are given top-class education that gives them a firm foundation for chess mastery, develops their intelligence, and strengthens their character, particularly enhancing their grit quality.

Chess Heights Academy’s robust research and development unit enables it to stay at the cutting edge of education and innovate to provide leading-edge education for its wards.